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WizKids Previews Fugitoid For HeroClix

Well, we've seen some of the more-iconic enemies. We've seen the four turtles. Let's see what WizKids has for us today.
Ah, it's Fugitoid, one of the quirky side-characters always popping in from time to time. The version here hails from the 1984 comic series. He's quite a tough one to pin down, too.


I mentioned that Fugitoid's a quick one. His first two abilities really put that on display. His first lets you move him 3 spaces when he's missed by an attack. His next lets him use phasing/teleport with a value of 12. Add to that, he can carry up to 4 characters with him (as long as they share a keyword). So you need to get all your Turtles over there in a hurry? Load up on the Fugitoid Taxi Service.