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WizKids Previews First Half of Fast Forces Set For Uncanny X-Men HeroClix

We're just a few, short days from the release of the Uncanny X-Men set for HeroClix. We've gotten a bunch of previews of various models that will be in the set. But WizKids is really good about giving people more than one way to get into the new sets. One way is the Fast Forces pack. Today we get a look into the first half of that.

Seeing as it's an Uncanny X-Men set, it seems that it's only right that the Fast Forces has X-Men in it (rather uncanny, if you ask me... Which begs the question... has anything ever been Canny?). Anyway, this preview gives us Cyclops, Angel, and Beast. All come with the All-New X-Men and Past keywords. They also all have a special ability called Time Lockd which means your opponents can't use Probability Control on attacks made by these characters. Pretty handy. Don't want your opponent taking away hits from you. Another thing they share is they all clock in at 50 points. So while they're not big powerhouse characters, they also won't be breaking the points-bank, either.