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WizKids Previews Emma Frost For HeroClix

Well, seems the Ninja Turtles aren't the only figures getting previews over at WizKids in terms of upcoming HeroClix sets. They've posted up the first of a new set, this one revolving around the Uncanny X-Men. To start things off, they've put a little chill back in the air (even though spring just started here the other day) with a look at Emma Frost.

This Emma comes in two forms. You can either get the soft and squishy version. Or you can get the Organic Diamond version. Though with just a couple extra points, you can get a single click's worth out of the Organic Diamond version if you take the soft and squishy one. Of course, Emma's all about psychic attacks and the strange things that can happen when your mind is altered by someone else. And her Diamond version also can just run up and punch you pretty hard, too.