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WizKids previews Dr. Sivana and Black Adam for DC HeroClix

WizKids keeps up their previews for the upcoming Trinity War set for DC HeroClix with a look at Dr. Sivana and Black Adam.
I looked up the Trinity War on the DC Wiki the other day. Seems like an interesting (if maybe a bit confusing at times) story line.
Are you HeroClix players also comic book readers? I've not regularly read comics since the mid-90s, and then, it was primarily Marvel (the X-Factor team with Havok at the lead was my favorite).


From the preview:

Today we bring you another preview from the exciting upcoming DC HeroClix: Justice League – Trinity War set coming early February 2015! Two characters from the Secret Society of Super Villains are on the preview list for you today and it’s no secret, villains they are! On the menu are Dr. Sivana and Black Adam.