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WizKids Previews Convention Exclusive Captain America

Comic writers love to give us alternate versions of the characters we love. With the multiple universes that they create, you can get all different types of characters, letting you explore them from different angles and under different circumstances. One such alternate universe is Earth X, where we get a new version of Captain America. He's coming to HeroClix as a con exclusive, and we get a look at him here.


This version of Captain America is definitely a team player. First off, he's immune to Mind Control and being pushed. So you don't have to worry about him attacking friendlies or being out of position. He can also grab objects from others and use them whenever he needs. Finally, he can use Leadership. It can't be rerolled, but when it succeeds, he can use it on any number of characters, regardless of being adjacent or not, as long as the total points doesn't go above 150 points. Pretty handy.