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WizKids Previews Civil War Storyline OP Kit Captain America and Iron Man

Well, raise your hands if you went and saw Civil War over the weekend. You'd think it were 1862 with how much people are talking about Civil War. That's a history joke.
Anyway, seeing as just about everything I know of that's Marvel-related is doing Civil War-related stuff, WizKids is no different, having a Storyline OP kit for players. They're showing off the Captain America and Iron Man from that kit today.

Seeing as they're on two sides of the war, the two characters are pretty decent at attacking one-another. Captain America can give up to two action tokens to a target he hits in melee if they have the Robot or Armor keywords. Iron Man, on the other hand, can counter defensive abilities on his target once per game if they share a keyword (which Cap and Iron Man do).

Check your LGS to see if they'll be running one of these events.