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WizKids Previews Cheetah For HeroClix

The new Wonder Woman set gets ever-closer to release for HeroClix. As always, the set includes characters from both the "good" and "bad" side of the law. In this case, it's Cheetah. Because one Cat-Woman wasn't enough for the DC universe (not to say Mervel doesn't have a couple of their own). Anyway, she's getting a new version in this set and you can take a look at her here.

From the preview:

Today, we’re taking a closer look at another figure from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Wonder Woman Gravity Feed. Coming to the tabletop, we present to you a fierce feline, Cheetah!

From the world of Post-Crisis DC, Cheetah, also known as Barbara Minerva, is a Scientist of the archaeological variety who possesses the Animal powers of a Cheetah in this form. She was a member of the Society and can also be used on Legion of Doom themed teams.

Cheetah begins with a special power, Jungle Predator, which lets her use Charge while also ignoring hindering terrain. On outdoor maps, this power also gives her Stealth. Her ability to Charge out of hindering with no penalty while being protected from ranged attacks via Stealth makes her dangerous. After two clicks of that she possesses Flurry, which will be perfect for Cheetah to make multiple close attacks once she’s adjacent to opposing characters.

Her Attack, Defense, and Damage powers are filled with the same three powers the whole way down the dial: Blades/Claws/Fangs, Super Senses, and Battle Fury. These are traditional animal-type powers for HeroClix, and Cheetah doesn’t disappoint by bringing them for her entire dial. “Blades…” gives her potential for huge damage as long as she’s standing and Super Senses grants extra protection since opponents will have to worry about her evading attacks. While Battle Fury makes her a good candidate to be a lone hunter since she can’t be carried, she can still take full advantage of ignoring Shape Change. Additionally, she is immune to Incapacitate and Mind Control.

Cheetah is an aggressive harasser at 50 points capable of dealing heavy damage with fair survivability. She has solid combat values for her point range with a combination of powers that make her a threat that can’t be ignored, even if her effectiveness is a bit up to the dice roll!

That’s all for today, ‘Clix Fans! Be sure to check back in soon as we look into more exciting previews from upcoming sets! Don’t forget to pre-order your DC HeroClix: Wonder Woman Gravity Feed as you get excited for the upcoming release.