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WizKids Previews Chameleon For HeroClix

There are several game companies out there that, for their highest-level tournaments, give the winners a chance to work with the design team for the game and create new figures to be part of the line. That's just such a figure we get a preview of today that's going to be part of the Superior Foes of Spider-Man set. We get a look at the Chameleon.


Chameleon was designed with the help of Patrick Yapjoco. As one would expect from the character's name, he's a master of disguise. So much so, that he has a special ability that lets you use other figures in the game as though they were him. When the game starts, pick up to 3 characters of 60 points or less and set them aside. Then, during the game, you can use a Power Action to replace Chameleon with one of the other figures (on the same click number). You then use that other character as you wish. If the Disguised character is attacked, roll a die. On a 1-2, replace the model with Chameleon. So then you've gotta go duck back in cover to put on a new disguise. Also, Chameleon's so good at disguise he can see through other people's disguises with ease, meaning that other models can't be replaced or use Shape Change.