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WizKids Previews Carnage For Superior Foes of Spider-Man HeroClix Set

WizKids is coming out with a new Marvel HeroClix set. The figure here's part of a 5-figure booster that will be coming out in August, but there will be pre-release events at the end of July. We're also getting a new card layout, it looks like, for the figures. They're adding in a chart that shows all the stats on the dials for the figures. Interesting. Anyway, take a look at Carnage.

As one would expect, Carnage is a melee master. Blades, Claws, Fangs. Flurry. Charge. Good stuff. He's also a madman (literally). That alien symbiote he's toting around also comes with perks. Plasticity and automatically breaking away, for one. Another is that it gives him regenerative abilities. When he damages an enemy, he doesn't get an action token. When he KO's an enemy, he heals. It means he'll be one piece your opponent is going to want to take out as quickly as possible.