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WizKids Previews Brutaal For DC HeroClix

WizKids is showing off another mini from their upcoming Superman/Wonder Woman set for HeroClix. As I mentioned previously, I read more Marvel than I did DC, back when I read comics. I never realized there were so many Superman characters flying around (literally and figuratively). Today we get another one. And living here in the South, the way his name is spelled is how a lot of things are pronounced. This preview is of Brutaal.

Like Superman Red and Blue (still think of Pokemon when I type that), Brutaal has the ability to be swapped in for a character of equal or lesser points named "Superman" or "Superboy" in your list after lists are revealed. This "last minute change" can really let you tailor your list to what your enemy is bringing to the table. Of course, there are other "Superman-like" traits present like super speed and super toughness and super hair (maybe not specifically that last one in the rules, but still).