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WizKids Previews Borg Sphere 4270 For Star Trek Attack Wing

Wave 28 of Star Trek Attack Wing is coming next month. This wave takes a look at some iconic ships that had previously been released with some new paint jobs on them. Since some of these ships are hard to find and still rather sought-after, it might be the first chance a lot of players have to get these figures. This time around, we get a look at Borg Sphere 4270.

The Borg Sphere has attack and defense well in-hand. Sure, it has no defense dice, but it's got 14 total points of hull/shields. And the 6 attack dice that it's throwing out aren't bad either. And that's before you add in any sort of crew or upgrades. Upgrades and Crew such as Drones, which can power either rerolls or Assimilation Tubes. Then there's the Feedback Pulse that can cancel any damage against you and reflect it back to your opponent.

Maybe resistance is futile, after all.