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WizKids Previews Baxter Stockman for HeroClix

We all know about the Turtles, but the TMNT universe is filled with a whole cast of other, unique characters (that I more-than-likely had the toys for back when I was a kid). One of which was Baxter Stockman. Originally a scientist, he went all Jeff Goldblum on us and turned into a fly. Today we get a look at both his human and fly form coming for HeroClix.

The human Baxter is all about his Mousers. He's got a special ability that can possibly keep you hip-deep in the little, biting bots for quite some time. Whenever a Mouser is KO'ed, there's a 50% chance of getting a new one on the board. Meanwhile, the fly version of Baxter is good at getting other characters around the board since he has flight and can carry up to 4 characters.