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WizKids Previews Bat-Knight For HeroClix

The other day, we got a look at the various convention exclusives that are coming to the Winter WizKids open in February. Well, all we got to see was the fact that they existed. This time around, we get a look at the stats for one of them. That one, in-particular, is the one DC figure from the set, Bat-Knight.
It's a car! It's a Batman! It's a car AND a Batman!


Bat-Knight is for the player who hates when their opponent messes with their figure's stats and abilities. Granted, the We Will Make Things Right Again will also keep you from messing with those same stats, unless the character doing the messing has the KC symbol. But you have more control of that with your build than your opponent does with theirs. Bat-Knight is also more than willing to just run down the opposition, changing into his Batmobile form and just driving over them. It might hurt you as you go, but it could be a good way to deal damage to multiple enemies at one time.