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WizKids previews Alpha Class Sentinel for HeroClix

WizKids is showing off the preview for their Alpha Class Sentinel they're coming out with for HeroClix.


From the preview:

Welcome as we continue our previews for Marvel HeroClix: X-Men – Days of Future Past! And what better preview than with the worst nightmares of mutants everywhere? We are, of course, talking about the Alpha Class Sentinel!

Alpha Class Sentinel is colossal figure on a 2×2 base, and is the first colossal figure to utilize SwitchClix technology and feature the new style figure base! (like those found on standard-sized HeroClix figures) Alpha Class Sentinel comes with two bases: #G001 Alpha Class Sentinel (Attack Mode) and #G002 Alpha Class Sentinel (Defense Mode). Additionally, each dial has a resource dial printed on it (for use when the other dial is attached to the Alpha Class Sentinel, more on this in a bit). When attached to the Alpha Class Sentinel , each of the two dials can be played at three different point values, 350, 250, or 150 points.

So, how does all this work? Let’s take a look at the dials and find out.