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WizKids previews 4th Division Battleship for Star Trek: Attack Wing

WizKids is showing off another preview for Wave 3 of Stark Trek: Attack Wing with a look at the 4th Division Battleship.


From the preview:

A new year is upon us so it only seems appropriate that we begin looking into the Wave 3 expansion offerings for Star Trek Attack Wing. We may as well start things off BIG and take a look at the 4th Division Battleship expansion pack that will have Dominion players shouting for joy. At 36 points, the 4th Division Battleship pushes ships stats to a whole new level with a primary weapons value of 6 and an astounding 7 hull points. Using it as the focal point for your fleet is a great idea, especially considering its ability to grant one free action to a friendly Jem’Hadar ship within range 1 or 2. Gelnon makes his first appearance as a Captain for this expansion with an interesting ability that allows a player the opportunity to cause damage to an opponent’s ship during the Activation phase and also the possibility to secure a Battle Station token for his ship. Weyoun returns as a Captain with an upgrade in captain skill as well as a new Elite Talent slot. For those that really love tricking out their fleet, Weyoun can help do that in spades as he adds two Crew slots to a ship’s upgrade bar and gives a 1 SP discount to crew filling those slots if they are of the Dominion faction.