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WizKids previews 4 more Teen Titans

WizKids rounds out their previews of the Teen Titans team with Robin, Starfire, Kid Flash and Changeling.

From the preview:

Today we continue our preview of the New Teen Titans Team Base from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Teen Titans set. In our first article earlier this week, we took a look at the New Teen Titans Team Base, the new rules it brings to the game, and the asset dial. We also took a brief look at another innovation to the game, SwitchClix, and saw how all of the figures work with the team dial. And in our last article, we previews the three figures that come packaged with the team base, #063 Cyborg, #064 Raven and #066 Wonder Girl. Today we bring you the remaining four members of the New Teen Titans team base, all of which come in the standard five-figure booster packs.