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WizKids Previews 2017 Convention Exclusives for HeroClix

A lot of really strange things can happen in the comics. Alternate-timelines and other dimensions can create situations where heroes are much different than their more-well-known styles. Sometimes, those characters don't quite seem like something that would go into a HeroClix set. Thankfully, with convention exclusives, that sort of worry goes out the window. WizKids has posted up a preview of convention exclusive minis they'll be rolling out next year.

We've got Bat-Knights, robots created by Bruce Wayne in his later years to take over for him in patrolling around Gotham. There's the living entree that is Pizza Face. There's Captain America from Earth-9997. We've got Spider-Gwen in Samurai armor (because spiders and ancient Japanese armor go together like peanut butter and jelly, don't'cha know?). There's Giant Man with Pym-particle tank. And you've got Spirit of Vengeance Red Hulk, because that's kinda scary.

So get your convention schedule set or maybe line up a ninja shopper or two so you can get your hands on these figures.