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WizKids Posts X-Men Fast Forces Preview 2 For HeroClix

The other day we got the first half of the Uncanny X-Men Fast Forces pack for the upcoming HeroClix release. This time around we have the second half of that set.

This includes the final two "original" X-Men characters with Jean Grey and Iceman. They have the same Time Locked ability as the other characters had. The one character that's a relative newcomer to the X-Men is X-23. She doesn't get Time Locked. Instead she gets an ability that replicates an enemy bleeding. Enemies that are attacked in melee by her gain a Shred token. When those enemies gain an action token for something, they take 1 Penetrating damage. That lasts until that character heals or clears tokens.

Like before, all of these characters cost 50 points, bringing the total cost of the team to an even 300.