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WizKids Posts new Star Trek Attack Wing Changes Article

The rules for Star Trek Attack Wing are getting some retrofits. The rules are getting a going-over and various things are changing about the game. But what, exactly, are those changes? Inquiring captains want to know! Well, WizKids is here to help. In this article, they go over what's being altered for Capital Ships, Shuttlecraft, and Attack Squadrons.

From the post:

Let’s start out by talking about Capital Ships! A Capital Ship is any ship with 4+ Hull Value. A player must have one Capital Ship in their fleet per Shuttlecraft, Attack Squadron, or Borg Support Vehicle. Simply put, you need one Capital Ship for each game element in your fleet that requires one. This means if you’re running a Shuttlecraft and an Attack Squadron, you’ll need at least two Capital Ships in your fleet. Similarly, you cannot have one Capital Ship count for both a Shuttlecraft and an Attack Squadron, it can only count for one or the other. With this understanding, now we’ll take a look at how Shuttlecrafts and Attack Squadrons have changed under the new rulebook!