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WizKids Posts Details about WizKids Open 2016

Tournaments are a great time to go test out your skills against other players who have honed theirs over months or years of prep work. The spirit of competition can bring out some of the greatest moments that we'll have in our gaming memories forever. With that in mind, WizKids has announced some of the details for next year's WizKids Open.

This year brings the WizKids Open to more of the world, with tourneys in Europe and Latin America as well as North America. The events will begin in February. WizKids has posted the locations for events in America, with the locations of events in Canada, Europe, and Latin America coming soon.

Registration is already open for some events, and you'll want to go pre-register as soon as possible, since WizKids will be giving away prize packs to random players that have registered before 1/15/2016.