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WizKids Giving Out Special Codes for Neverwinter: Strongholds

It's cool to see when tabletop companies collaborate with online gaming. Playing one can net you some bonuses in the other. Most of us aren't just tabletop gamers or video gamers. We do both. Well, there's a new expansion out for the Neverwinter MMORPG and WizKids is giving people that play in their organized events the ability to get cool gear for it.

Neverwinter: Strongholds gives players an abandoned keep to play with. It's a rustic, tumble-down place that could use a little TLC. Of course, there's the oncoming army you might want to get ready for.
To help you out, people who register games in the WES system over on WizKids' website will be entered into a drawing where 1000 people will win a Defensive Starter Pack and Starred Eye Patch code. Just go and unlock a new achievement in the WES system and your name will be put into the hat. You have until September 3rd.