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WizKids begins Mage Knight Resurrection previews with Goblin Pillager and Khan Bonespike

WizKids starts off their previews for the release of Mage Knight Resurrection with a look at the Goblin Pillager and Khan Bonespike.


From the preview:

We are pleased to begin our series of previews for the Mage Knight: Resurrection set, which will be available in a 24-count gravity feed display and a six-character campaign starter this October! Each Mage Knight: Resurrection figure incorporates SwitchClix technology and features two dials. One dial is compatible with Mage Knight 2.0 rules while the other is fully usable with the HeroClix Powers and Abilities (PAC).

For now, we’ll turn our attention to the characters available in the gravity feed display and focus on one of the six team abilities available in the game.