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WizKids Announces World's Finest Prerelease Event

WizKids has announced that they're now taking applications for stores to receive pre-release material for the upcoming DC HeroClix set, World's Finest. If you'd like a chance to get your hands on some of these figures several weeks before they're actually available, you'll want to go bug your LGS... err... I mean, ask them politely, to sign up to be one of the stores.

Superman and Batman rarely see eye-to-eye on things. Sure, they're both heroes, but they definitely have different styles of fighting crime. Well, in this set, the duo are teaming up to take on shared enemies. Of course, the enemies are taking note and joining up as well. Along with Superman/Batman staples, the set will also feature sub-themes along the lines of Metal men, the Doom Patrol, and various magic-users.

The pre-release events will happen before February 7th.