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WizKids Announces World's Finest Dice Masters Set

Well, we just had us a Marvel story, so we should probably balance that out with a DC story. Thankfully, WizKids is here to help, by announcing a new Dice Masters set. World's Finest, as you'd expect based on their recently-released World's Finest HeroClix set, focuses on Batman, Superman, and the various allies and villains that tend to collect around them.

Starter Set

This set will bring 30 new heroes/villains to your tabletops. Characters like Commissioner Gordon, Batgirl, Lois Lane, and even Krypto will be getting cards and dice as part of the set. Of course, there will be many different ways you can get into the set. There'll be a starter set as well as booster packs to get you playing.

Expect this set on store shelves in March.