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WizKids announces War of Light organized play pack for HeroClix

WizKids has announced a new organized play kit for WizKids. Grab your favorite color and get ready for the War of Light.


From the announcement:

Greetings HeroClix Retailers and Fans!

Today we’re going to talk about the next exciting Storyline Organized Play program, DC HeroClix: War of Light. We’re making some changes this time around with the express purpose of making things more flexible for everyone, and we want to highlight those changes for everyone’s benefit.

War of Light will be the next DC HeroClix Storyline Organized Play program, and will span six months beginning in June 2014. Like Fear Itself, War of Light will kick off with the release of a Scenario Pack in May 2014. The DC HeroClix: War of Light “The Sinestro Corps War” Scenario Pack will include the following exclusive content:

Two DC HeroClix figures unique to this Scenario Pack; Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) and Sinestro
Dice with custom Green Lantern logo
Two 3D special objects found only in this Scenario Pack; the Green Lantern Ring and Shield Construct
48 Horde Tokens, 2 Maps and more!

All of the above content can only be found in the DC HeroClix: War of Light “The Sinestro Corps War” Scenario Pack and will not be available anywhere else. This Scenario Pack is a “For-Sale” product for stores to use in order to build excitement and awareness for their in-store War of Light Organized Play programs.