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WizKids Announces The Banishing Card Game

Well, it would seem as though the hordes of the undead are once again threatening the world. Damnit, Carl! I told you to stop reading out loud from that book made out of human skin! Well, it seems as though we're going to have to band together to stop them and send them back to the Void. I'll use my fighting prowess. You use your spellcasting ability. We've got a healer. And there's a few more over to the side. Let's get this going.
That's the story behind The Banishing, a new cooperative card game coming from WizKids.

From the announcement:
WizKids is pleased to announce the upcoming release of a new co-operative card game, The Banishing. This March, the undead will threaten to take over the world. An unlikely group will join forces to fight against evil. Find out who will be triumphant on the tabletop in The Banishing.

Designed by Sean Rumble, The Banishing brings players into a world being overcome by undead creatures. Players take on the roles of the guardians who must work together to banish the undead back through the Void.

As guardians, each player is a unique character with special abilities that can be activated by collecting cards and creating matches. The Sorcerer can conjure and enchant. The Fighter can taunt and imprison. The Healer can bless and revive. The Banishing introduces eight characters, each with six unique skills, for players to choose from.

Pre-orders for the game are happening now.