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WizKids Announces Star Trek: Frontiers Board Game

WizKids Announces Star Trek: Frontiers Board Game

Space… the final frontier. Star Trek is just a part of not just “nerd DNA” but of much of the world’s sense of culture. Beyond just splitting infinitives, the series spawned all sorts of other products. One such was just announced. WizKids will be making a new board game entitled Star Trek: Frontiers.

The game is based on the MageKnight Board Game, also made by WizKids. But instead of various characters of fantasy, the game will use characters and scenarios from Star Trek. Over the course of multiple scenarios, players will earn experience points and gain Reputation, allowing them to recruit new Crew Members and take on even more challenging adversaries. The game can be played in both competitive and cooperative modes.

“Like the Mage Knight board game, Star Trek: Frontiers allows players to explore areas that are new and different each time they play. I can’t wait for Star Trek fans to start commanding their Federation and Klingon ships as they encounter Romulan Warbirds, send carefully chosen away teams down to unknown planets, and challenge the might of the Borg,” said Frontiers game designer, Andrew Parks.