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WizKids announces Star Trek: Attack Wing minis game

WizKids has announced that they're going to be coming out with a new Star Trek minis game. This one's called Attack Wing and it uses the combat system used by Fantasy Flight Games for their X-Wing minis game.

From the announcement:

WizKids/NECA, LLC (WizKids), the leader in collectible gaming, is inviting gamers, collectors and Star Trek fans alike to recreate some of the most iconic battles in Star Trek lore. Today WizKids announces the latest board game title to join their Star Trek HeroClix™ miniatures game line-up, Star Trek: Attack Wing. It features collectible pre-painted Star Trek ships and the FlightPath™ maneuver system licensed from Fantasy Flight Games. Under license by CBS Consumer Products, Star Trek: Attack Wing is expected to launch late summer at Gen Con Indy 2013.