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WizKids Announces Sidekick Night Program

If the gaming community is going to continue to thrive, there needs to be a regular influx of new players. When a group stagnates and doesn't bring in new players, eventually that group will vanish. But starting in with a game can potentially be rather intimidating. It's good to have someone with you that knows the ropes and can teach you all about the game systems. That's why WizKids is launching the Sidekick Night Program.

From the announcement:

Once a month, selected stores can host a Sidekick Night, where veteran HeroClix or Dice Masters players will bring someone who is new to the game and interested in learning, as their Sidekick. They’ll play side-by-side against another player and their Sidekick, with the veteran players providing some advice and instruction. Players will be rewarded just for showing up*! At the end of 3 months, players and their Sidekicks who have attended at least 2 Sidekick Nights will be able to win limited edition HeroClix or Dice Masters prizes. There is no recommended entry fee for Sidekick Night.

*Stores will reward participation prize to each player the first time they show up to Sidekick Night in a Sidekick Season. On the 3rd Sidekick Night, players who have attended at least twice will be eligible for an entry into a random drawing for HeroClix or Dice Masters prizes.