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WizKids Announces Retirement for certain Star Trek Resources

WizKids wants to make sure that new players aren't intimidated by the special resources that they might've missed out on that were prizes before they started playing. As such, they've set a schedule of retirement for certain resources from the game.


From the website:

First off, we want to say thank you for your continued support of Star Trek: Attack Wing.

When we first launched Star Trek: Attack Wing we didn’t even know how many releases there would be, let alone how long the great player turnouts would persist at local stores. Over the past year, as Star Trek: Attack Wing has experienced sizable increases in audience, we have reprinted popular ships and waves to make sure new players have access to all the game elements. But as we continue to develop new and exciting Organized Play programs, it’s become clear that it’s getting harder and harder for new players to collect and use previously released resources. Additionally, current players of Star Trek: Attack Wing have voiced concerns about seeing the same resources used repeatedly.

With these issues in mind, we will be making a change to the current tournament format to give newer players equal access to all the game elements and to help create a changing meta that will allow different types of fleets to flourish.

Starting in March, we suggest that all official tournaments begin retiring the previously released resources. Official WizKids-run tournaments will be implementing this as a requirement. Moving forward, each resource will be retired after 18 months of play on the first day on the month listed below.

We hope to encourage new ways and flavors of play through this change as well as making Star Trek: Attack Wing more accessible to newer players. We hope to see you at our upcoming tournaments, and please do check out our webpage for more information as it become available. If you are looking for a location to play, make sure you check out the WizKids Event System at, where stores are putting up hundreds of new tournaments every month!