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WizKids Announces Pre-Release Events for HeroClix

Gamers often feel they need to be the first ones with the new toys on the block. I joke about it from time to time with pre-release announcements, but considering I've read more than my fair share of messages on Kickstarters that are, "But why did THEY get the game before I did!?!?!" Well, depending on if you're going to be close to one of these events, and if you're one of those "must have it first"-types, you'll either love this announcement or hate it (or you could not play HeroClix and just be ambivalent to it, I guess). WizKids has announced that they're going to be running pre-release events 2 weeks ahead of the release of the next HeroClix set.

This is the first time that players will have the chance to get these figures before the general release. Check with your LGS to see if they've been selected as one of the worldwide venues. They will get in a limited number of booster bricks with which they will run Colossal Mayhem Tourneys. So if you want to get your hands on some of the upcoming Superman/Wonder Woman set early, you'll want to find a venue and plan your trips accordingly.