WizKids announces Mage Knight Resurrection

By Polar_Bear
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Jul 14th, 2013

WizKids is coming back out with Mage Knight.

From the announcement:

Greetings Mage Knight and HeroClix Fans!

Hearken back to an age of magic, might and mystery as WizKids Games returns to the realm of fantasy tabletop miniature skirmishes with the all-new Mage Knight: Resurrection!

As many of our fans are aware, Mage Knight was the first game to utilize the extremely versatile and innovative Combat Dial System game platform, pioneering the way for other games like the successful and diverse HeroClix line of miniatures, Star Trek: Fleet Captains, Star Trek: Attack Wing, and more!

Mage Knight: Resurrection is a full line of fantasy-based miniatures that will draw inspiration from all corners of the Mage Knight mythos, and each Mage Knight: Resurrection figure will incorporate SwitchClix technology and feature two dials! One dial is intended to be played with the Mage Knight 2.0 rule set, and the second dial is fully HeroClix Powers and Abilities Card (PAC) compatible! That’s right; Mage Knight and HeroClix fans will each have two great ways to enjoy Mage Knight: Resurrection!

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  • nova3k

    “One dial is intended to be played with the Mage Knight 2.0 rule set”

    Mage-knight 2.0 is what killed mage-knight. It wasn’t just the fact that they rendered all previous miniatures obsolete, but they took a beautifully simple game with tons of depth and overcomplicated it needlessly.

    This is one game reboot I will be overlooking.

  • Zoltan5

    The switch to 2.0 isn’t what killed the game. Yes it hurt that most 1.0 figs didn’t measure up to the new figures, but the rapid fire inclusion of poorly tested new mechanics starting with the Charge/Mounted Charge and Bound/Mounted Bound combo in Dark Riders was the nail that sealed the coffin.

    The fact that the person in charge of the game refused to address any issues players had with over powered combos stating that “They were intended to be that way.” really torqued off players after being told that 1.0 figures were no longer going to be legal for tournament play.

  • The Beast Rampant

    MK needed a 2.0, even if what ultimately resulted made few players happy. I liked it, but will admit it was unnecessarily complicated.

    Whether or not you liked 2.0, I applaud WK for including the option.

    I was wondering when the “official” news would break. I can’t wait to see some previews.

  • nova3k

    I’m sorry, but they are going to have a lot to prove before i seriously look into this game. I haven’t played heroclix because again with the needless complication. Every unit needing a statcard? What is the whole point of the clix dial then?

    They will have to prove that this reboot is not the 2.0 everyone remembers, and makes it worth everyones time. But i somehow doubt that this is going to be a reboot that puts mage-knight back on the map for CMGs

  • KelRiever

    WizKids of old proved they had tin ears when it came to feedback.

    In no instance of WizKids ever since, whether purchased by Topps, or spun off again, or regardless of game, has it ever changed. Every WizKids product has ultimately tanked, and it has only been a matter of time. There are moments that the games can be entertaining, but prepare for it to always be a fleeting moment, that will ultimately cause you to dump the plastic crack filling your storage space.

    In other words, even if it is a good game, expect it to be a bad one before long…

  • Sejanus

    Wizkids….giving gamers what no one asked for with new and the same old ways of selling you the same stuff over and over and over and over.

    They bring out too many products that are poorly produced or thought out simply to grab bucks. It has in turn saved me tons of dollars as I walked away from their stuff.

    They are whiz kids alright….urinating all over games.

  • Hehe… So basically you are all saying that in a few years we will be seeing “Mage Knight : Undead” and then “from beyond the grave” and then “the living dead” and then “Reanimated” and then… sorry. I’ll shut up.

    I quite enjoyed Mechwarrior Dark Ages… It was simple enough for a casual gamer like myself. It could have been the Mechs though.

    • nova3k

      I loved mage-knight 1.0, and mechwarrior. I played the other games, but they didnt compare.

      • I enjoyed the Mechwarrior version of the game until it became about the infantry and artillery and no longer the huge Mechs.

  • Ghost

    The idea of Mage Knight was welcome at the time of its release in 2000 (plastic figures with no bookkeeping) but blind random packaging and a regular release cycle of essential new stuff ultimately drove even the keenest players away.

    I walked away from Mage Knight (and later Mechwarrior) once touneys were choked up with LE figures kids had bought on eBay.