WizKids announces Hello Kitty HeroClix set

By Polar_Bear
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Feb 13th, 2013

NECA, the company that owns WizKids, has made a license agreement with Sanrio, the company that owns Hello Kitty. Together, they are going to be bringing us a Hello Kitty HeroClix line.

I’ll just repeat that: there will be a Hello Kitty HeroClix line.

From the announcement: (emphasis mine)

The new Hello Kitty line will cater to long-time collectors, with action figures and statues, high-end lamps, calendars, tea sets, vintage carrying cases, and more, as well as various tabletop games, plus a HeroClix miniature gaming collection from NECA’s games subsidiary WizKids. The highly anticipated Hello Kitty products will begin launching in North America this summer.

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  • blkdymnd

    Aaaaaahh….. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  • Marauder

    A bit early for an April Fools joke isn’t it?

    I think given the option between this and MageKnight, I will go with MageKnight.


  • cmon-chern

    Philistines… these shall be mine!

  • Grindar

    Can I preorder a set yet?

    Seriously, did someone die and leave Wizkids a fortune? They’re announced so many new projects in the last 2 weeks they might out-produce FFG this year lol.

  • If this is true, I know what I’ll be buying my three daughters this summer as a proper segue into miniatures gaming. 🙂

  • jmw23


  • BaconSlayer

    This is as relevant as about anything else I have seen on here recently, so why not?

  • Soulfinger

    That is awesome! Are the different sets compatible?

    • 4tonmantis

      OMG, I can’t wait to build a force with Master Chief, Hello Kitty, Freddy Krueger, and a Klingon Bird of Prey.

  • grimbergen

    hmmm… in the past WK released non fighting properties like smurfs and gremlins without clix and then the LOTR and Star Trek boardgames that use the same figure but have a dial specific only to the boardgame. I wonder if this will support fighting with actual heroclix?

    • Soulfinger

      So the Enterprise couldn’t fight Wolverine? This will probably be like that then. What a shame. I could have owned these just to discourage people from trying to get me interested in joining their heroclix game.

      • Grindar

        It could. There was 2 clix lines done with the same star trek ships, one heroclix based (boosters and everything) and then the star trek captains board game, which had clix bases but custom dials. The Heroclix line even used the same heroclix keywords rather than themed words so there was no rules confusion

  • Ghost


  • CaseyJone5

    all the sets are compatible (although not necessarily tournament legal).
    gears of war, halo, lotr, heroclix, etc.

    this reminds me why i stopped playing heroclix.
    i played that game because of super heroes and comic books.
    get your halo, hello kitty, and lotr out of my HEROclix!

    • estrus

      How many Spider-Man or Batman variation clix does one really need??
      Potential brawls between different genres can only be a good thing for the imagination.

  • That WINS!!

  • TomasT

    They can do THIS, but not revive the Alien-clix..? I freaking loved those…

  • Sejanus

    Ahh yes…..from the here we go again file.
    Brought to you by the minds behind
    Creepy Freaks,
    Shadowrun figures game
    Rocketmen CMG

    ya…this will be really good no doubt.

    Keep jumping that shark kidz.