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WizKids announces first expansion for Mage Knight board game

WizKids has announced the first expansion for the Mage Knight board game: The Lost Legion.

From the announcement:

NECA/WizKids, the leader in collectible gaming, is excited to announce the upcoming release of The Mage Knight Board Game: The Lost Legion expansion— the first expansion set to the critically-acclaimed epic fantasy board game— The Mage Knight Board Game— by renowned game designer Vlaada Chvátil (Dungeon Pets, Galaxy Truckers and other widely popular game releases).

The Lost Legion expansion set offers players a new Mage Knight— Wolfhawk— and also adds a new foe for the Mage Knights— the mysterious and powerful General Volkare! Included in the expansion set are new location tiles, enemy/ruin tokens, Unit cards, Advanced Action cards, Artifact cards, Spell cards and a rulebook expansion that features new game scenarios and rules to support play for 5 players.