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WizKids Announces Dice Stars Dice Game

WizKids has announced a new dice game that they're going to be coming out with. We all know how much I love dice (and I'm sure you love 'em, too). This one's called Dice Stars and it's sort of a bit of Roll For It along with Yahtzee, but with bonus stars on your dice.

In the game, players take turn rolling 1-3 dice. Depending on what you roll, you'll look to fill up your score sheet. Why not always roll 3 dice? Well, that's because you must use the dice you roll. If you can't, you get a penalty. The stars act as score multipliers. But, again, you have to be careful. If you fill up your row of stars, great. If not, you score zero. It's a lot of risk/reward as you try and have the most points by the end of the game.