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WizKids Announces Deadpool Dice Masters Set

Everyone's favorite Merc-with-a-mouth (well, except my friend CP. He hates Deadpool) is getting his own Dice Masters set. If you're a Deadpool fan (so... not CP), you'll want to check it out, as there'll be cards for Deadpool, Lady Deadpool, Dogpool, and Evil Deadpool.


Though it's not just Deadpool and other versions of him. You'll also get others related to the Weapon-X project like X-23, Wolverine, and Mr. Sinister. This set will also have the first appearance of the Inhumans, as well as new Spider-Verse (it'd be interesting to see Spider Ham, considering we get Dogpool. Not sure if he's actually in the set. Just saying it'd be cool).

There's also going to be foil cards in the set. Either collect 'em all or just get the ones for your favorite team.