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WizKids Announces Burke's Gambit Board Game

The space freighter, Burke's Gambit, was tasked with finding alien technology and bringing it back for study. I mean, it's alien technology. It has to be pretty awesome, right? Better than this boring, old, human-made garbage we're using. Ugh! I can't even stand this stuff! *throws computer out window* *end of post*
Ok, so I didn't really throw my computer out the window. Acting! Anyway, while they were only looking for technology, unfortunately, one of the crew members seems to have picked up an alien parasite. Problem is: nobody knows who has it (even the person with it). But everyone needs to find out who is infected before they make it back to civilization. That's the story behind Burke's Gambit, a new game coming soon from WizKids.


In the game, players take on the roles of different crew members. One player is infected with the alien parasite, and it's everyone's job to figure out who it is. You have to do this before the engines kick in and you reach Earth. At that point, everyone will take a vote and toss someone out the airlock. The thing is, even the crew members without the parasite have hidden agendas. Everyone has motives. It's not going to be easy to find out who is infected, but the fate of the Earth is at stake.

You can expect the game to hit store shelves this December.