WizKids and Asmodee partner up

By Polar_Bear
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Apr 1st, 2014

WizKids and Asmodee have come to an agreement to create games in Germany.


From the announcement:

WizKids Games, the pioneer of pre-painted miniature gaming, today announced that the company has entered into an partnership agreement with Asmodee Germany to localize several award winning game titles.

“We have chosen Asmodee to be our German language partner in Europe for the award winning titles including— the Mage Knight Board Game, Attack Wing: Dungeons & Dragons, Quarriors! Dice Building Game and Star Trek: Attack Wing. We aim to replicate the successful growth and support we’ve experienced in Europe with our English language products and look forward to expanding our plans with Asmodee in the future,” said WizKids president Justin Ziran.

“We are very happy to bring the quality games of WizKids to players in Germany and to enrich our product-line with very attractive games. We are looking forward to the cooperation with WizKids and the future developments”, says Asmodee GmbH Marketing Director Carol Rapp.

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  • BryanC

    I didn’t realize that WizKids produced “Attack Wing: Dungeons & Dragons”, whatever that is.

    • grimbergen

      It sounds silly and like an April fool’s joke at first but the dragon figures are pretty awesome. As you expect, it’s using the x-wing system but from previews i’ve read so far sounds like it works pretty well, as it also supports infantry units so it’s not just dragons smashing each other like space ships.

  • KelRiever


    Just trying to imagine that….

    “Fighter, form up on my left.”

    “Right away, Magic-User.”

    “This is Thief, he’s on my tail! I can’t shake him!”


    “We lost, Thief. Everyone stay in formation.”

    “This is Cleric. Not a problem. I can resurrect Thief. We’re going to be all right. Just don’t die again because I have only one of those spells.”