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Wizkds Releases Rock Paper Wizard Card Game

Who says wizards can't get nasty when there's gold involved? Research materials and books are expensive, y'know. So when there's a pile of gold to be split, every wizard is going to want to get their share of it, and they're not above using spells in order to do so. That's the story behind Rock Paper Wizard, the new fast-paced card game from WizKids, available now in North American stores (the world will have to wait).


The game is a takeoff of the seemingly ancient Rock Paper Scissors game. However, instead of just making those three forms, you will create different spell effects that will target one of your opponents. You're looking to get your wizard to the treasure pile and grab the loot before you're knocked out of the room and into the hall. The first wizard to get 25 pieces of gold is the winner.

You can pick up your copies now.