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Wizards of the Cost Introduces The Tomb of Annihilation Guild Adepts

The Dungeon Masters Guild that Wizards of the Coast has set up allows anyone and everyone to upload their campaign ideas and scenarios up online on their website for others to peruse. Now, of course, there's going to be some that are more popular than others (that's just the way of things). Well, WotC has posted up a list of adventures to be on the lookout for.

From the announcement:

The Dungeon Masters Guild has thousands of products available from hundreds of Dungeon Masters. You might be asking yourself, “Which of these are the best?” Well I’m here to introduce you to 10 of the most exciting authors to grace the guild with their work. That’s right. These are our Tomb of Annihilation Guild Adepts, and they have some fantastic products lined up for our September 8th launch. First, I’ll provide you with a bio for each of our budding designers, and then we’ll discuss what’s coming next. Hang on tight to your smart phone as these talented folks literally explode off the screen.

(Well okay… so no ACTUAL exploding is going to happen, but it’ll be exciting nonetheless.)