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Wizards of the Coast posts Errata for Monster Manual and Dungeon Master's Guide

Here I am, back in the office and looking to catch back up on a few stories from the past week. There's not too many, since most companies were (and many still are) on holiday. But that's not to say you shouldn't come see what we've got today. For example, Wizards of the Coast has posted up Errata for both the Monster Manual and the Dungeon Master's Guide (obviously for Dungeons & Dragons).

Now, these changes are only necessary if you got one of the earliest printings of the books. Subsequent print runs had the corrections already placed. If you have a book that says, “This printing includes corrections to the first printing.” at the bottom of the credits page, then you don't have to worry about downloading the documents. So make sure you've got the right set of rules for your game.