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Wizards of the Coast Announces New President

I mentioned earlier that today's a big day for news. It would seem that it is going to be one of the biggest of recent memory. First we had Warmachine/Hordes MkIII. There's the Rum & Bones Kickstarter. There's the Ghostbusters II Kickstarter. Now something huge, Hasbro has announced a new President in charge of Wizards of the Coast.

Chris Cocks 1 2013 Chris Cocks 1 2013

That person is Chris Cocks, who previously had worked with Microsoft for 8 years. Before that he worked with LeapFrog. He's an avid fan of the brand, having been a player of Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons, so it'll be interesting to see what direction he takes the company in.

"We are incredibly thankful to Greg for the tremendous contributions he has made to Hasbro, especially during his time leading Wizards of the Coast," said John Frascotti, President, Hasbro Brands. "Today, thanks to Greg's commitment and passion, Wizards of the Coast's brands are stronger than ever. Though MAGIC: THE GATHERING was introduced more than 20 years ago, it is more relevant and popular today than it's ever been, with a record number of people around the world playing the game and participating in MAGIC organized play events. We're very excited to welcome Chris to the Wizards of the Coast family," said Frascotti. "As an avid fan and player with extensive digital experience, I'm confident Chris is the right person to help us build on the tremendous momentum around our brands and take the franchise to the next level by delivering exciting new experiences to our growing and passionate fan base around the world."