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Wizards of the Coast announces Magic: The Gathering Un-Pro Tour

Wizards of the Coast is always getting requests for a new "Un" set for Magic: The Gathering. Well, they're not quite giving you that, but they're giving you something better. They've got the whole Un-Pro Tour. Next year a whole bunch of Magic players will be showing up at Richard Garfield's home and duel it out with their favorite Un-Magic cards. Reserve your seat!

From the announcement:

Almost every day since the last Un-set was released, I've been asked when the next one will become a reality. "When is a new Un-set coming out?" "When are we going to see a follow-up to Unhinged?" "When am I going to get a new Donkey Lord?" All of these questions got us thinking: why stop at a new Un-set? Why don't we have the Unglued theme invade all forms of Magic?

With that idea in place, we set out to bring you...the Un-Pro Tour!

That's right. Get your Chaos Confetti in order, consult the Gleemax for last minute deck tech, and get ready to unleash your inner B.F.M. (Big Furry Monster), because the Un-Pro Tour is the proving grounds for the world's best players. It'll be three days of Unglued block Booster Draft and Standard—with Unglued and Unhinged legal for tournament play—as the Pro Tour formats.

The Un-Pro Tour will take place April 1–3, 2016, in the beautiful but humble confines of Richard Garfield, Ph.D.'s home in Washington, where over 350 of the world's best Magic players will gather for three days of Ass Whuppin'.