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Within God's Walls - A New Scenario Now Online

Orcs in the Webbe have posted a new Reaction System scenario up online: Within God's Walls.


From them to you:

Today Orcs in the Webbe brings you another brand new original scenario for use with Two Hour Wargame's Reaction System games.

In 'Within God's Walls' Don Diego Della Toyota's friend, the nobleman Don Armand, has been speaking out against the taxes levied by the cruel Alcalde Jamón and has been forced to hide out in an old mission to avoid arrest. Luckily for him Don Diego is the man behind the mask of El Lupe, the people's hero and he is on his way to help his friend.

Set in Alternative Armies' Valon, the world of Flintloque, El Lupe is based on Zorro and you can play it using a variety of rulesets including any of Two Hour Wargame's Reaction System games.

Keep the Flag Flying!