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Wisdom from the Wastelands Issue #50: Artifact Quality

Skirmisher Publishing released Wisdom From the Wasteland issue 50 for your downloading and reading pleasure. This issue talks about how not every artifact you come across is going to be the greatest possible, or the worst possible. So they've got various qualities you can put on your artifacts in your game.


From the post:

Fantasy games thrive on magical weapons and items, giving players something to shoot for — and to shoot with. These are rewards for overcoming obstacles and defeating monsters, both reflecting and boosting the characters’ growing power and expertise. To provide your science fiction game with similar options, this issue describes a system for including equipment of exceptional quality. While your Elf might draw a +5 vorpal sword from a dark knight’s sarcophagus, your replicant gets to instead haul a master quality gauss pistol from a brain lasher’s lair. This system also includes the shoddy end of the quality spectrum, for those times when patchwork or jury-rigging is the best your tech mutant can manage.