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Wisdom from the Wastelands Issue #49: Unique Superscience Artifacts V

Skirmisher Publishing has released issue 49 of Wisdom From the Wastelands for your downloading and reading pleasure. This issue continues their series on Superscience artifacts. These pieces were designed for Mutant Future, but can be easily ported over to other RPG systems of your choice.


From the release:

With amazing powers, terrible mutants, and scientific advancements available only in our collective imagination, Mutant Future stretches the bounds of conception. From a foundation of Clarke’s Second Law and Goblinoid Games’ supplement Realms of Crawling Chaos, we present superscience artifacts, devices that are one step beyond and seemingly magical even to characters familiar with wondrously advanced technology. This issue of Wisdom from the Wastelands coalesces around the mind-bending, with artifacts ranging from hazardous personal-improvement gear and pet accoutrements to a many-pedal building and diabolical nightmare toys for both kids and adults.