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Wisdom from the Wastelands Issue #48: Unique Superscience Artifacts IV

Skirmisher Publishing has their latest issue of Wisdom From the Wastelands up online for your downloading and reading pleasure. This issue brings you more Superscience artifacts for your games. What's a superscience artifact? Well, it's the sort of thing that is so advanced beyond what you're used to that it might as well be magic. Think if someone showed an iPhone to George Washington. So you can use these special artifacts in your Mutant Future games or whatever other system you might be playing in.


From the release:

The unique items in this issue of Wisdom from the Wastelands are so advanced they appear magical to post-apocalyptic peoples. Although intended for use with Mutant Future, these items could easily be used in other science-fiction or fantasy games. Each has a history that will hopefully enrich, inspire, and possibly drive your own gaming story and, if desired, could become a central plot point or continuing idea for a whole gaming session or even an entire campaign.