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WIP from Ghost Train Games of another model for ACW: 1861

Ghost Train Games shows off another of their WIPs for Alternative Civil War in their latest update.


From the preview:

Here's an almost final WIP for the next model concept to be released.
We’re not yet sure of its name: We’re discussing around “The Doomed Rifle”, “The Cursed Rifle”, “The Bedeviled Rifle” and I personally like “The Black Halls” or “The Bedeviled Halls”. Would you like to help us to decide it? Check out the discussion at our Facebook ( page or send us a message with your opinion via Twitter (@GhostTrainGames) or email (

The model itself is not the guy but the gun. It is a M1819 Halls, one of the first breech-loading rifles, that participated in the Mexican-American War where it was infused by a malevolent spirit.
The Halls starves for lifes and souls, turning its wearer into a raving maniac that neglects its own safety in order to provide the weapon with its grim harvest. When the miserable man falls in battle, which ussually don’t take too long, the malignant ghost compels another poor soul to carry it and continue the slaughter.