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Winter Issue of Irregular Magazine Now Available

With having had the windows open in my apartment for weeks, it's strange to think that it's still winter. But, still being February, winter it is. So, whether you're out under a tree like I can be, or hiding inside from the snow, it's a good time to read a gaming magazine. And Irregular Magazine has their latest issue available now for your reading pleasure.

In this issue:

Yet again, there some fantastic hobby content for you to read at your leisure, as we report on a variety of hobby topics and new games and we have a round-up of the news that has been breaking in our hobby world.

Our Editors lifelong passion for the Roman Empire raises its head once more as he looks at crime in the Roman world. We have two different articles looking at Roman terrain for gaming in this period, as well as a look at the new Warlord game, Gangs of Rome.

Its not all about Rome, however! We also look at WW2, with a look at the Japanese Occupation of Hang Kong, a painting guide to painting British WW2 camo from Stoessi’s heroes. There is also a review of the Stoessi’s Heroes miniature range from our Editor.

There is a further report on Jason’s ongoing battle to keep working his way through painting his imposing grey hoard of unpainted miniatures, something I’m sure every miniature painter can empathise with!

As well as the Stoessi’s Heroes miniatures review, we also have reviews of two new books from the publishers Pen & Sword: “Painting Wargaming Figures” and “Tabletop Wargames: A designers & writiers’ handbook” as well as a look at the much talked about Model Box miniature subscription service.

We have a quick look at the new Malifaux App from Wyrd, which looks very useful for fans of this game, and there is a look at the options for freely available rules for Medieval wargaming.

Finally, Alex has taken a good look at the Star Trek Adventures RPG from Modiphius, who have boldly stepped in a universe that has a great following and history in the RPG space.

Time to get reading – go on, download your copy now!