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Winter Eternal Campaign Setting Available From Just Insert Imagination

Well, civilization has collapsed again, this time because the sun exploded. Damnit, Todd. I told you to stop throwing rocks at it. Thankfully, things like a host start for your planet aren't as necessary as you might think if you've got some powerful magic on your side. And the Nature Wardens were able to keep things warm enough to start camps that then grew into cities. That's where you find yourself in Winter Eternal, a new Pathfinder setting from Just Insert Imagination. You can pick up a digital copy now, with print versions coming soon.

About the setting:

A frozen world, magically heated cities, early steampunk inventions and lots of new adventures to be had. Winter Eternal is a new setting using The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game rules.

Just insert Imagination describes Winter Eternal as a "post-, post-apocalyptic setting. The story starts hundreds of years after the sun exploded. The night-side of the planet survived the explosion, but natural disasters ravaged the continent of Ehlerrac. When the planet started cooling, survivors found themselves in a fight for their lives.

A group of Nature Wardens started camps and survivors of different races were forced together. Nature Wardens used their magic to grow food and over time the camps grew into towns, then into magically heated cities.

Now the discovery of a sun shard, a crystal that reacts to light, is bringing the world of Ehlerrac slowly into the industrial age. New ice suits makes it possible to explore frozen wastelands and forgotten ruins. Cities are now linked by the Archways (covered roadways) and jobs, money and security is suddenly in abundance.

The setting offers adventures in cities, exploration of the wastelands and everything in between. There are 3 new races together with most of the normal fantasy races.

The pdf is now live on DrivethruRPG and will soon be available on other online stores as well. Hard and soft cover options will also be available soon.